Passed / Passed By, what does it mean?

April 24, 2013  |  By Carl

Q: What does the passed / passed by count I see in my results mean?

On Mtec Results we calculate the number of athletes you have passed, and the number of athletes who passed you between each timing point of a race.


Q: Why aren’t we tracked every step of the way on the course?

The present timing technology isn’t yet to the point where we can track every step of every athlete accurately and affordably.  GPS trackers are common now, but not cheap enough to be disposable, not small enough to be unobtrusive, and not precise enough to be used for timing purposes.  However, with the current technology we are given a huge amount of information to draw conclusions from.


Q: So I understand what the numbers mean, but what can they tell me?

They can tell you quite a bit.  If you notice that you are being passed by more athletes later in the race, it is a good sign you went out too fast.

If you passed a lot more athletes then you were passed by then maybe you could have started further up in the pack.  If you were passed by a lot more people then you passed then maybe the next race you should start closer to the back of the pack.

In a triathlon or other multi-sport event, this count can give you an idea of how well you performed in each leg – if you were passed by many more people on the bike leg than the run or swim, that’s a good place to look to improve.

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